Ovarian Tumor Treatment

What is Ovarian Tumor Treatment?

Women with borderline tumor or early stage ovarian tumor can usually be cured with surgery to remove the tumor. Often this is the only treatment that needed. However, women with early-stage cancer that clear cell, high-grade serous or stage 1c, are usually offered chemotherapy after surgery. This is because without chemotherapy there a higher risk of the tumor coming back. There is several Ovarian Tumor treatments:

    • Surgery

The majority of women who have ovarian tumor will be considered for surgery. The surgery will probably involve removing ovaries and the fallopian tubes (called a bilateral salpingo0oophorectomy), the uterus (called a total abdominal hysterectomy) and the omentum, a fatty layer of tissue within the abdomen (called an omentectomy).

The surgeon may also remove the lymph nodes from the pelvis and abdomen. Then they take samples of nearby tissue and send it to the laboratory to see if the tumor has spread. If the tumor has spread, the surgeon will remove as much of it as possible. This is known as debulking surgery.

    • Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy involves using anti-cancer drugs to kill tumor cells. Usually it will give after surgery for ovarian tumor. However, it can be given before surgery as it may help shrink the tumor and make it easier to remove.  This is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Chemotherapy which to destroy the remaining cancer after surgery is adjuvant chemotherapy. Maintenance chemotherapy is to slow a tumor’s growth and or reduce the risk of its recurrence. Other than that, palliative chemotherapy is to reduce side effects from the disease, improving the patient’s comfort and quality of life. Chemotherapy that treats the cancer if it comes back is recurrent chemotherapy.

Several different drugs can be used in chemotherapy. The choice of drugs and how and when it is given depends on the stage of tumor and how much it has spread. This treatment usually given as a drip into the vein, but is sometimes given as tablets.

    • Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy uses high energy x-rays. It target rapidly growing tumor cell. Radiotherapy is not often used to treat ovarian tumor.  Other than that, when radiation treatment is given using implant, it is called internal radiation therapy or brachytherapy. Internal radiation therapy is given either by delivering small amount of radioactive material directly to the tumor or by injecting radioactive liquid directly into the abdomen through a catheter. External beam radiation therapy is radiation given from a machine outside the body. Usually these treatments consist of set period of time. Other than that, this treatment also have a side affect includes fatigue, mild skin reaction, upset stomach, and loose bowel movement.



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